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Hi folks, We're glad that you found our Blog informative & want to contribute by writing good content here. Yes, we do accept Guest Articles and always appreciate great writers and provide them platform to publish their great content online.

Write For Us. is Tech and HowTo blog, Here we are group of authors who review different tech stuffs like websites, software, apps, gadgets etc. We also provide different tutorials to our readers. We would love to review your product too.

We provide 2 types of services to our clients in terms of business collaboration.

1. Free Guest Article Service : Where you can write an article regarding your product or you can share your thoughts and you will get Free Nofollow BackLinks, Here you or your team members can describe your product better and our readers will reach out to your website / product using that link.

2. Paid Sponsor Service : We also accept Paid Sponsored articles with Dofollow backlinks. If you want to write an article for your Company / Clients, then you have to pay $5.46 fees per article or to add your links to one of our existing articles.

You can pay fees through PayPal or using PayTM if you live in India. More information will be provided later.

We would love to review your product as well, where you have to provide more information about your product so that we can research, review and describe it better. 

To Collaborate with us kindly Contact on [email protected]

=> Following are some terms* & conditions* you must accept to become part of our community. These terms are subject to change periodically so stay tuned and check it periodically.:
  1. Those articles should be unique and CopyScape passed (Not Copy/Pasted & Plagiarism Free ). Also we do not encourage to use Article Spinners and create meaningless unique articles. Only request access if you have original meaningful content.
  2. It should not contain any explicit or violent content.
  3. It should be interesting to people, use your creative writing skills, attractive images (Creative Common) etc. Please checkout Current Trends at Google Trends, Facebook Trends, etc. to know more about people interests.
  4. Use Creative Common CC0 copyright free images in articles..
  5. It should be relevant to our blog content like we accept, Mobile Phone Reviews, Educational Tutorial stuff. Tech How To's Articles, SEO, Digital Marketing, Etc..(please refer above Menu Tabs for more info).
  6. Minimum Article length should be 500 words. 
  7. Don't paste article directly from M.S Word to post editor, First copy text to Notepad/Gedit and then paste notepad content to article editor, use Blogger Article Editor for further editing.
  8. At least share your written article to every were possible on internet i.e Social Media. (Tell every body to view It).
  9. Article may contain at most 2 and minimum no links, more than 2 will be removed. In case If you want more back-links, then Generate high PR dofollow back-links to your post written here for I'M FROSTY.
  10. If you won't write any article until 6 months, Your access will be removed from blog as an author.
  11. Your Article will be reviewed manually by our team & changes will be performed if any. If it is not following T&C* then we are authorized to delete it without notifying its author.

=> Please Provide Us Your Gmail / Google Mail Address to [email protected] If you Accept above T&C* to become Authorized writer of I'M FROSTY.

=> You will receive an invitation email from us in Inbox, Kindly accept that invitation and visit Your account to start publishing your creative articles here on IMFROSTY. Enjoy !! :)
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