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I’M Frosty– Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If you need help.

Q: What is I’M Frosty?
A: I’M Frosty, founded in 2014, is a popular tech & how-to Blog where you’ll find software reviews, how-to guides and educational tutorials. And we regularly discover interesting things online that you never knew existed.

Q: Who is the author of this website?
A: The site is written by Hardik Pandya He has an Engineering degree in Computer from the Pune University and He is one of the few professional bloggers in the world.

Q: How do I subscribe to I’M Frosty?
A: You can follow us through RSS, Email, Bookmark, Facebook, Twitter, And Google +.

Q: I need some help or have a question. How do I contact you?
A. Please post Comments, and we’ll try to find a solution. You can also send an email at [email protected]

Q: Can we hire you?
A: Yes, Kindly contact on his personal id : [email protected]

Q: Will you review my product?
A: We love checking out new stuff especially web apps, mobile apps and consumer software. Send an email to request product reviews though we obviously cannot cover everything that’s out there. You can send us products which you want us to review, The companies whose products we cover are mostly advertising agencies or Tech companies..

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: Yes, we most welcome people who want to publish their articles on I'M Frosty by joining us. You can request us to join at [email protected] we will make you authorized Writer / Author of this blog to publish your great content. Know more about it here : Register Here

Q: Can I reprint your article on my blog or in a print magazine / newspaper?
A: The short answer is no but please read the fair use guide. Plagiarism is evil and we may sometimes file a DMCA complaint against websites that republish our content illegally.

Q: What hardware and software do you use? Where is the site hosted? What CMS do you use?
A: Hardik Pandya has HP Pavillion DV6 Notebook to connect with internet and have made this blog. He generally prefers to use Moziilla Firefox Web browser. This site has been hosted with Blogger.com which has really easy to use CMS.
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