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3 Types of Hackers All Website Owners Should Watch Out For

With cybercrime at all-time highs, website security has become more important than ever. While there are many different varieties of cybercriminal, hackers are arguably the most common. It’s important to note, however, that hackers are not a monolith. Although many of them have similar motivations and goals when it comes to targeting websites, hackers are far from a one-size-fits-all collective. As such, it behooves site owners and administrators to familiarize themselves with the most common types of hackers. This will ensure that you’re able to quickly identify hacker attacks and take the necessary measures to stop them in their tracks.

 1. Black Hats

Black Hats are among the most infamous hackers in the digital world. These are the hackers who consistently target banks, large corporations and online retailers with the intent of stealing credit card numbers, bank account information and other important financial data. Anyone who owns or operates an ecommerce site should constantly be on the lookout for Black Hat activity. In the past, Black Hats have made off with a bevy of valuable financial data from multinational companies like Target and Sony, so any site owner who takes them lightly does so at their own peril. When working to combat the Black Hat threat, companies will be well-served by comprehensive website security software, like the products from SiteLock. For more information, have a look at a helpful SiteLock review or their business social media pages.

2. Gray Hats

Unlike Black Hats, Gray Hats generally don’t set their sights on data theft for the purpose of financial gain. Instead, they target sites they wish to deface or ridicule. This typically entails posting obscene images and playing around with script on the sites they target. While their schemes aren’t as diabolical as those perpetrated by Black Hats, undoing the damage caused by Gray Hats can prove costly, time-consuming and downright cumbersome. Consistent monitoring and reliable security software can prove invaluable in keeping Gray Hats at bay. 

3. Blue Hats

Similar to Gray Hats, Blue Hats typically aren’t motivated by the prospect of monetary gain. This breed of hacker specifically targets sites that promote ideas or sell products they find offensive or otherwise disagreeable. In many instances, the reasons for their offense are clear, but this isn’t always the case. For example, it isn’t unusual for seemingly innocuous sites to find themselves besieged by Blue Hats. Even if your site doesn’t peddle controversial opinions or promote overtly offensive material, you may still find yourself the target of a Blue Hat attack if the proper security measures aren’t taken. 

These days, no website owner can afford to put cyber security on the backburner. Every day, hackers mount concentrated attacks against thousands of sites, and if you’re not careful, yours could be next. Fortunately for security-conscious site owners, stamping out hacker attacks doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Taking the time to educate yourself on the machinations of hackers and outfitting your site with top-tier security software can go a long way in deterring cybercriminals from setting their sights on you.
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