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Why should you unlock the iPhone 6?

Getting phone unlocked from a pre-fixed network has become a popular trend nowadays. Why would you unnecessarily cling onto a network service if you don’t enjoy its benefits? There are some phones like at&t iPhone 6 which is locked to a particular network service and to get it unlocked in order to move over to another network needs your phone to undergo some procedures. So, to unlock at&t iPhone 6, there are actually 3 key methods. The three methods are - software unlocking, hardware unlocking and advanced IMEI unlocking.

Until the iPhone 3 was launched, the software unlocking method pretty popular in the market. However, this method of unlocking soon got banned by Apple and the hardware unlocking came in demand. But gradually, none of the services worked for a prolonged period of time.

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The hardware method used to cause more harm instead of solving the purpose of unlocking. In this process, either you as an owner or a third party service will be experimenting with your phone which would end up in damaging the hardware component of your phone. It is a dangerous process with no guaranteed solutions and there were more chances of damaging the phone permanently. Apple also made clear that the company won’t provide any service in such cases even if the product was within the warranty period. And, if the authorised customer care declines in providing the service then you know you will either end up in wasting a lot of money with some third party or you will have to buy a new phone.

To solve all these problems, a new method was launched. This is the only method that works for unlocking an iPhone 6 which is the IMEI method. This IMEI method is safe and doesn’t damage the gadget internally or externally. 

Here, you have to find the unique identifying code of your phone called the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) number. You can figure out this number by dialling *#06# from your phone. Make sure you note down the IMEI number for further references.

Submit the IMEI number to the customer care and their expert will use this IMEI number to get access to the master database of Apple. With the help of this database, the experts will be able to find out the colour of the device, when the device was produced, its internal memory size, the model number and even the status whether the phone is locked or unlocked. As they trace the status of the phone, they can change the status from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. After the status gets changed, all you need to do is reset your phone. As you do so, you will be able to move on to any network provider whose benefits you would like to avail.

This IMEI method will not interfere with the internal configuration of your handset or damage the hardware and this form of unlocking works best at the factory level. No extra application needs to be downloaded for using this method of unlocking. It’s totally safe and you don’t need to breach any rules of Apple for choosing this method.  

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