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The Difference Between a Fire TV and a Fire Stick?

If you are buying into Amazon’s wide range of products, you would naturally be interested in Amazon’s online streaming devices. The Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV are collectively called Fire TV and each comes varying degrees of functionality. Each one of these streaming devices has its own pros and cons, especially when it comes to costs, streaming quality, and integration with add-ons. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between the Fire TV and the Fire Stick.

Today we are going to explore some of the pros and cons of these devices. This will be done by looking at 4 areas of interest to many users. 4K resolution, gaming capability, costs, and voice control options. We have used both extensively, so the information below is based upon my first-hand experience.

4K Resolution

As each year passes, the resolution quality of televisions is growing rapidly. Currently, 4K resolution is at the leading edge of this evolution. If you plan to spring for the 4K TV, you want to make sure your streaming device can deliver, so let’s start there!

The biggest difference between the Fire TV and the Fire Stick has to do with 4K resolution. The Fire TV supports apps in full UHD resolution, making it the best choice if you have a 4K TV. The Fire Stick can only stream an HD resolution of 1080p. This does not mean that the Fire Stick won’t work with your 4K TV, but the Fire TV will help you get the most out of your 4K TV.


The Fire TV is better geared towards gaming than the Fire Stick. This is because it is powerful enough to cope with the technical demand that some games have. Some games are also not supported by the Fire Stick. This means that if you are serious about gaming, the Fire TV is the better option for you. Depending on the model, the Fire TV can also integrate better with Bluetooth add-ons like gamepads.


This is one place where the Fire Stick is a better option than the Fire TV. Apart from the fact, the Fire Stick is not a powerful product, it is definitely still one of the best streaming devices available today. Since it is significantly cheaper than the Fire TV, the value you get for the cost is phenomenal. One of the best features of the Firestick is its simplicity in terms of interaction and navigation. It is also susceptible to numerous third-party installations to enhance the versatility and use of your TV.

Voice Control

When comparing the Fire TV to the Fire Stick, one of the issues is the voice-activated search and content selection. Lack of voice control with earlier models of the Fire Stick used to be an issue, but, thanks to Amazon’s remote app, this isn’t the case anymore. Also, voice control can now be used for selecting third-party content and not only Amazon Prime. This feature is available to both the Fire TV and the Fire Stick.


Although it is clear that the Fire TV is better than the Fire Stick in quite a few ways, it’s not really fair to say that the Fire TV is the best choice in every way. When comparing the Fire Stick to the Google Chromecast, it is clear the Fire Stick is a solid streaming device in its own right. If you want an exceptional streaming experience, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, the Fire TV Stick may be the best choice on the market.
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