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Link Building 101 and How To Get It Right?

Link building has become a great way to boost your website rankings and SEO, while also providing a great way to interact with new people. While link building is a good way to boost your marketing efforts long term, the problem is doing it right to get the best results. This article will give you insight into link building and how to get it right. Here’s some tips to help you get started.

Link Building: What Is The Concept?

Link building is the overall concept and process of gaining hyperlinks on different websites back to your own. The hyperlink or backlink, is a way for people to navigate between different pages when visiting a website. Search engines also use these backlinks to crawl the website, individual pages and the entire web itself. Due to search engines like Google who put heavy regulations on link building, it can be hard to get it right without being penalized for your efforts. This is why it’s important to know what’s right when it comes to link building. There are some blogger outreach agencies across the world like No BS Agency that could help with your link building efforts. But first…

How To Get Your Link Building Right

  1. Be Within Niche

Before you can reach out to websites, you need to know what niche you should be link building in. This is important because link building in the wrong niche can look unnatural. For example, if you’re company is a gardening and landscape business, then home improvement/gardening niche is the right one for you. You wouldn’t place links in the business niche, for example, because it wouldn’t fit your audience and the type of services you offer. Gaining backlinks from websites in the right niche is very important to really make your campaign work to your advantage.

Reach Out To Quality Websites

With PBN’s populating the internet these days, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Public Blog Networks or PBN’s are websites which are designed specifically for guest posting, but aren’t really a good option when trying to link build because you’ll have to pay money. These types of websites are generally built in mass production, there’s a lot of PBN’s that try to look like real websites but there’s a trick to catching them out. Here’s some things to look for:

       Generally they feature a very generic website design that only really showcases blogs.
       They only have limited pages, for example: a homepage, about us page, and a contact page.
       Their CF and TF metrics are vastly different. If the Citation Flow is 12 but the Trust Flow is 30 it means that the website posts a lot of content which could indicate a PBN.
       The content on the site is poor quality.
       PBN’s could have low traffic numbers against real authority websites.

Using PBN’s for your link building crosses over into the gray. Generally Google doesn’t like you to pay for sponsored posts and backlinks, this is why PBN’s aren’t the best option.

Instead look for websites which have decent metrics, have a services page, about us, home page, contact page, and other resource related pages. A website which isn’t solely created to publish guest posts are the ones to try and gain your backlink on.

Write Quality Content

Some people think that writing generic content is fine when it comes to link building. However there’s two main reasons why you need to write high quality content.

       You’d be more likely to get published on the website you’re looking to gain a backlink on.
       Your SEO efforts increase as well when your backlink is linked to content that is of high quality.

When it comes to writing high quality content, here’s some things to consider:

       Make sure the topic is approved by the website first before writing to save time.
       Write naturally for your target audience and provide them solutions to a problem.
       Make sure you edit the content so it’s free from grammar mistakes.
       Use subheadings, bullet points and other styling options to help break up large blocks of text.
       Use high quality images and screenshots to help get your point across and to make your content more appealing.
       Use a plagiarism checker like Copyscape to help make sure there’s no duplicated content.

This is a great way to get your content published on the website you want.

Add Backlinks Naturally

The whole idea of link building is to build backlinks to your website. When adding links to your content above, here’s some things to consider:

       Use natural anchor text that fit well within the article but allows you to help rank for the keyword used. Brand name anchors and homepage backlinks are good options. If you’re linking to a service page, make sure the anchor text reflects the service you’re linking to.
       Don’t overstuff the content with links. Use one in the content and one in the bio. You can add resource links to back up any facts you’ve added.
       Make sure the backlink fits the article and niche you’ve written. Don’t link to a digital marketing website if you’ve just written about traveling abroad.
       Don’t hide extra backlinks by making them invisible as this can hurt your rankings and the website you’re backlinking on.

Adding backlinks naturally is very important long term. If you do it sparingly and naturally in the content you’ll get the best benefits from your efforts long term.


Link building isn’t easy, but if you work on the right ways to achieve a natural backlink then over time you’ll see the long term benefits. Are you ready to start your link building strategy?

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