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5 Ways to Move Cross Country

There are plenty of reasons you may be thinking about moving across the country. There are also plenty of things to worry about with that move. Let us help take a little bit off your mind with this list of great ways to move cross country.

Let Your Stuff Roam Free

Many movers are opting to actually ship a portion of their items. While this isn't something that will work in every situation, the intrepid mover can find that lower shipping costs can mean saving money and hassles.
Shipping some of your items works well for the solo movers out there who may not have as many items to worry about. Besides the traditional shipping companies and the USPS, you may be able to find local shipping partners that can help with your large items.

Let Someone Else Do the Work

Why do the work when you can just have someone else take care of it all? Moving can be one heck of a headache, but chances are there are countless other things going on that can add to the headaches you deal with. The best way to take the stress of moving off your plate is hiring a long distance moving company. In many cases, you can find deals that include supplies and even packing and unpacking services.
Hiring a professional moving company is also a great way to take the stress of breaking stuff off of your plate. Professional movers have the experience and the insurance to ensure your items will make it to their destination as safely as you.

Call Upon Those Closest To You
Sometimes, the best helpers are those closest to us. Our friends and family can usually be counted on to lend a hand or two (even if it is a bit grudgingly). This is great to get ready before moving and getting packed up, but for the actual move, it may be too difficult to actually bring your family and friends with you. With a little planning, you may be able to bring one with you and let them get back another way. Knowing when you will be moving can help find deals on transportation like buses, trains, and planes.


Use a Portable Moving Container

There are a number of companies out there that will simply ship everything you own in one shot. These companies will deliver some sort of portable moving or shipping container that you and your helpers will then load. Once everything is ready, the moving container will be picked up and transported to your new address where you can unload at your own speed once you get there.

Make Your Boss Cover It

If your move has even the slightest thing to do with work, it may be possible to have your employer cover some of the cost. This obviously varies from company to company, but inquiring on relocation policies is never a bad idea. Make sure you save all receipts.
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