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5 Cool Projects You Can Complete Using A Scroll Saw

Owning different types of saw allows you to use them in a lot of different ways. When you own a scroll saw, it allows you to make or create different decorative projects that can be used at home, as gift ideas for your friends or family or as a small business that will keep you happy and have fun while doing it. For more information about the best scroll saws, check here https://perfectcutsandmiters.com/best-scroll-saw/.

Prepare the materials needed for the following projects, common materials used are wood (it usually depends on the project you will be doing), scroll saw, drill (for entry in the wood), and sandpaper (to keep the wood smooth).

1. Wooden Box – A scroll saw can be used to design a cute and adorable wooden box that can be used for different purposes. This wooden box can be created depending on the design that you like. Create a pattern that you will be using for the project. Prepare the wood needed for this project. Then attach the pattern to the wood. Trace the pattern and use a drill for the scroll saw entry point. Start cutting the wood box and after finishing up, a cute ribbon can be placed on top. This cute box can be used for keeping your personal items or it can be gifted to your friends or family members on their special day or during Christmas.

2. Wooden Name plaques - Name plaques are fun and quirky decorations that will stand out in a room you will place it. Design a name by using a cute font or your use script if you prefer it. Transfer the design to a wood, preferably oak or alder wood that will be used to carve a nice design by using a scroll saw. Using hardwood is preferred when creating a name plaque because it is durable and sturdy. You have an option to paint it and then you can hang it in your favorite room.

3. Silhouette profiles – Creating a unique design on a hardwood by using a scroll saw. Take a photo of your family members and trace it on the hardwood by using a pencil and cut it out carefully with a scroll saw. It will be a cool ornament in your living room. You can also use it for gift ideas for your friends or loved ones for their birthday.

4. Jigsaw puzzles - Choose a cute design that you like to create for this project. Gather the materials that you will need, scroll saw and a piece of high-quality plywood that will not splinter to avoid splinter injuries. Create a design or download a puzzle template online, free template designs are available, you can also draw your own if you prefer unique designs and if you want it personalized. Jigsaw puzzles can be used for a decoration or as a toy for children to enjoy.

5. Utensils Trivet - This cool project is perfect for friends or family members who love cooking. Create a design by using a vinyl that perfectly combines different utensils and it is preferred because it allows easy transfer to the wood board. A normal cutting wood board or a butcher block can be used for this special project. Outline the design carefully and use a drill to make entry holes for the scroll saw. This project is easy to make and it can be a perfect gift idea for your friends who love to cook or eat!

Creating different and easy DIY projects with a scroll saw can be easily done by making sure to take safety precautions and following the steps carefully. Take your time when creating a project, never rush things because when you are in a rush, there is a tendency to become careless and accidents or injuries might occur. Use safety gloves and goggles and proceed with extreme caution when creating and be extra careful especially when using a scroll saw, getting injured while doing the project will take the away the fun part, that's for sure. 
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