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What I learned from Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

When you work in a team with people having different personalities, then it is inevitable that your approach to work and decision-making ability may differ. These differences may lead to clash of attitude as well as opinion. In order to make theworkplace productive and cooperative, it is essential to reduce these clashes. The workplace clashes can be looked through to different ways. One of them is that they are destructive in nature and hinder cooperation among the team workers. Then there is another way to look at it that these clashes of opinion can be used productively to develop new ideas. The Everything DiSC workplace profile let you know how your thoughts may hamper your chances of creating healthy atmosphere in the workplace.

It is quite possible that you may not be one aware of your destructive thoughts and how it is affecting your relationship with your teammates. To get an idea about your issues you need to subscribe to the Everything DiSC productive conflict. When you subscribe to this amazing program the first thing you learn to acknowledge is that you may have a problem. If you don’t recognize your own problems then you will find it very difficult to make any amends to it. As it has been mentioned before that it is quite possible that you may not be aware that you are giving your workers very bad vibes. This could include raising the tone of your voice, facial expressions as well as keeping silent when your opinion is needed.

Once you get to know what kind of destructive thoughts is going on in your mind when you are in a conflict situation at your workplace then you are in a better position to control those thoughts so that you can contribute positively to the team meetings. As we know, our personality traits affect the way we approach our work or take any decisions. These traits also influence our reaction to any conflict situation. In a conflict situation, we may either use sarcasm, the silent treatment, the raised voice or the brooding attitude to reflect our disagreement. If we know our personality traits areinfluencing us in a certain way when we will be able to manage those emotions and act productively as well as positively in any conflict situation that may arise in our team meetings.

The Everything DiSC productive conflict help you a great deal by making you aware of when you are going down the destructive path in a conflict situation.

It also trains you how to curb the destructive behavioural traits that might exacerbate the situation. It also trains an individual how to face the conflict situation in a way that it has not hurt the feelings of other team members at the same time you can put forth your point in a firm that positive way.  If you are a team leader then you can work with your team workers in a productive and cooperative way.

Like other training module of DiSC including the Everything DiSC sales profile or the Everything DiSC workplace profile, the productive conflict of DiSC depends on the personality trait of an individual to figure out how he should behave in a conflict situation.

1). Dominance: If you have dominance personality trait then it is likely that you like to express your views in a forthright manner. If you come in contact with another person who has similar personality trait then it is quite possible you’re your ideas may lead to a conflict situation. According to DiSC in such case, it would be wise to depend upon logic and rational discussion to arrive at a mutually agreed solution. Do not push your points too aggressively and try to understand the others point of view. Also it is quite helpful to take other team members along and not try to solve every problem on your own.

2). Influence: if you had influence your primary personality trait then you are most likely to be a very social person and love to work with your team members. If you find yourself in a conflict situation and it would be proper for you to control your emotions and think aboutthe problem in a rational manner. Never try to factor your emotion too much in your decision making process in a conflict situation or you may get erroneous results.

3). Steadiness: A person with steadiness as his personality trait is most likely to be a complete teams man. He is very tactful friendly and accommodating in nature. If such a person finds himself in a conflict situation then he should focus on his feelings and try to build consensus. Always try to ensure that your voice is heard in a clear and unambiguous terms. Never try to hide your feelings as this may lead to problems later on. You should never try to compromise on your own convictions for the sake of the team.

4). Conscientiousness: A person with conscientiousness as his personality trait is most likely to behave in a reserved manner and therefore, it would be important for him to act in a logical and rational way in resolving a conflict situation.

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