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There are many ways to sell more on Instagram in 2018 which offers businesses amazing opportunities to increase reach and revenue. Businesses yet to learn how to hack Instagram are ignoring a potentially huge market.  

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is clearly a marketplace for discerning businesses. In truth, not all businesses on Instagram are making (enough) money, but those who know how to hack Instagram using the right strategies are in for a bounty.
In this post we share tips and ideas for raising your Instagram game to reach, gain, engage and convert more Instagram followers to buyers, which is key to achieving sales and business growth, but before we go into the details

Here are:   
Some Instagram User Statistics of Note
Instagram has over 800million active users.
25million business profiles are on Instagram.
80% of users follow a business on Instagram.
60% of users find new products on Instagram.
75% of Instagram users take action after visiting a post.
Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

There are more than 75 million Instagram users who use the app everyday
20% of web users are also active Instagram users.
Users spend average of 21 minutes every day on the app
50% of retailers are active on Instagram
The average sales order value from an Instagram-referred conversion is $66.75

Furthermore, understanding the pains and gains of using IG for marketing will help you better decide if Instagram marketing is really your thing.
The following are some pros and cons of Instagram marketing.

Some Pros and Cons of Instagram Marketing


Online shopping for instance is highly visual, Instagram is a great place to showcase amazing product photography,

Photo/video posts mean that followers are constantly exposed to your brand logos, colors, etc, which can reinforce brand recognition, awareness and loyalty,

Instagram posts are shareable across social platforms, which can bring referral traffic if post goes viral,

It's obviously a huge market with huge marketing potential looking at the numbers,

Millennials love Instagram, and they have a growing spending power,

Because content is highly visual, high level engagement can be achieved with the right combination,

Customers can click on your photos, see your account, start following, and re-connect with you later

Instagram drives highly engaged traffic, photos and videos enhance purchase decision and can trigger repeat purchases.


Manually scheduling posts can take up your time, scheduling apps will take up your dime (free ones have limited functionalities)

Inability to switch accounts without signing in and out to read notifications or respond to comments. There are also some paid apps that help you around this
Here are some:
Top Brands Nailing Instagram
Califia farms
Divinity LA bracelets
We work
Finfolk Productions
Made in Sephora
Red bull

The following are:

5 Cool Ways to  Sell More on Instagram

1. Create Shoppable Content:

Statistics show that 72% of customers say seeing Instagram photos of a product increases their chances of buying and 38% of customers say they frequently purchase products they find on Instagram.

 A shoppable Instagram gallery is a parallel site you can link to your Instagram bio. This link directs customers to an abridged version of your Instagram storefront where they can make a purchase.

2. Build and Share User Generated Content

 User generated content like product reviews boost customer confidence. This seems more authentic and lessens risks of online purchase.

 Positive feedback from peer reviewed product purchases convinces consumers that they’ll also have similar good experiences, especially since the reviewers are hypothetically unbiased.

3. Post Customer Testimonials

 Social proof strengthens buyer confidence, which in turn boosts sales. Smart marketers blend product reviews and customer testimonials into a powerful IG sales strategy. Post videos or photos showing happy customers displaying or using your product, along with a quote about why they love it.

 People buy benefits, not products or services. If satisfaction is guaranteed by 5 star ratings and smiling faces, shoppers are more likely to pay to buy into such experiences. That's one smart way to hack Instagram

4. Partner with Influencers

 Nearly everyone has influence over at least one person. If you can influence John who can influence 10,000 others, good for you. Now imagine John mentions your brand with the right hash tag to his 10,000 followers.

 Usually, when people see another friend post about a brand on Instagram, it increases awareness, curiosity and interest: key stages of the buying process. For someone with even more influence or popularity, such mention or recommendation can literally spark a frenzy from friends, fans and followers.

 There are IG accounts with millions of fans and followers that can help you reach tons of potential customers who are in your target audience and interested in exactly the type of product and experiences you offer.

5. Make Personal Connection with Your Customers

Know their names or something personally important to them. Consumers nowadays crave personal connection with brands they trust. Instagram not only offers the opportunity for product awareness, it also gives room for connection with customers. Deep level engagement is key, and brands with this personal touch excel.

 Consider using your images to give customers limited behind-the-scenes sneak peak of upcoming products and ask their opinions. This way, you make customers feel valued, special, invited, involved with and connected to your brand.


Daily, people discover new products from their favorite brands on Instagram, yours could be next.
Whether you choose one or all 5 tips, Instagram makes you connect deeply and authentically with your customers visually. Exploit that.

There are many other ways to hack Instagram, but the ability to implement methods consistently makes all the difference.

Author Bio

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business/eCommerce B2B/B2C Copywriter. He has been featured in in eCommerce Insights, Ecommerce Nation, Understanding Ecommerce, SmallBizClub, Successful Startup 101, Dumb Little Man, Huffington Post, Floship, Result First, The Next Scoop, SABTrends, BusinessTips.Ph to mention a few.

He is available for hire

Twitter: @amos_onwukwe
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