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Basic Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

If you want to make your product popular online or to rank your website high, then search engine optimization techniques are the best to implement. Search engine optimization helps your website to rank higher on the SERP’S like Google, Bing and Yahoo and the various on page and off-page parts of SEO help on that.

Nowadays there are various SEO companies in India, those physical locations is present in India, but also provide SEO services in abroad. Any good SEO company provides affordable SEO services in Sydney and USA these days. The SEO companies present to help the businessman to rank their website but still people are not much aware of SEO which make them confused while choosing an SEO company services. 


Here in this article, we are sharing some basics of search engine optimization, which help you to understand a bit more about SEO.

SEO has three techniques

1.White Hat SEO
2.Black Hat SEO
3.Gray Hat SEO

1.White Hat SEO: White hat SEO is when you follow the Google rules and regulations and It is the SEO used by the most all of the SEO companies.
2.Black Hat SEO: An SEO considers to be the black hat SEO when any SEO professional does SEO without against Google guidelines. Doing black hat SEO is not good for your website because if Google finds out that you are doing black hat SEO they will put a ban on your site.
3.Gray hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO is the mixture of a white hat as well as black hat SEO.     

Through ON-page and OFF-page you can implement the SEO techniques so that your website rank higher on SERP’S.

On-Page SEO
: When you make some changes in the website itself, it's called as On-Page SEO. There are various points which you should consider while doing on-page seo.

1 URL Structure: if you format the URL structure of your website then it will help your website to easily  index. You can use the title or some special keywords in the URL structure. There is much software which can help you to edit your website URL.

2. Pictures: Through pictures, you can make your website more attractive, they can bring more attention to your site. Using image ALT text, you can help search engines to understand what exactly the image about. 

3.Meta Tag:
Meta tag is the HTML code you can use in the website code so that people can understand that what exactly the page about.    

4.Header Tags: Keywords used in the header tags shows that they are more important. Through this search engine get clues that what's most important on your website.  

OFF-PAGE SEO: In Off Page SEO you create back links for the website and make your product aware of people online. SEO webmasters do that by creating links through various off page strategies like 

1. Ad’s Submission
2.Profile building
3.Guest post
4.Article submission
5.Blog Posting
6.Social Bookmarking

These are some ON-Page and OFF-Page techniques which help your business to achieve your marketing goals and give you a good return on investment. 

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