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How to Track and Find Your Smartphone?

--> So you lost your cell phone? it has all happened to us. It was in your pocket just a few minutes ago and has disappeared. The elf took it or is in the middle of the cushions. Or maybe they took it out of your pocket or left it in a cafeteria. Fortunately, there are many ways to find your lost cell phone, be it an iPhone, Android or Windows phone. It can be the same cell that emits a signal that allows you to resuscitate it or an application from a third party.

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Here we will tell you how to recover your smart or not intelligent cell phone. All smartphones now come with technology to locate your cell phone. However, these last while your phone has a battery. If you do not have a battery, they will not work. We recommend that you be very careful if you get to communicate with someone who claims to have your cell phone and not give any personal information.

Android :
Android not only offers its own Google service to find your devices remotely, but it is also very easy to use. The feature is called Android Device Manager and is built directly on your Android through Google Play services. You can write “where is my phone " on Google to find your cell phone. From there you can ring your cell phone and even change your password from there. You can configure the features before your phone is lost and you will use GPS or Wi-Fi to help you find your precious phone

iOS :
The best way to find your iPhone is with the application that comes with the phone called Find my iPhone. The application comes with the pre-installed service and shows you your cell phone on a map. You will need another Apple device with this application to see this feature. However, it only works if your cell phone is connected to the Internet To do so, log into iCloud and open the Find my iPhone feature. The Apple service will allow you to locate your cell phone and when it is finished, it will emit a sound and send a message with the words "lost mode" to erase everything. Apple also uses Activation Lock to keep your cell phone safe from theft. It requires that you enter your Apple ID and password before you disable the cell phone and delete everything.

Windows :
You can recover your cell phone with the help of the Microsoft factory service. You must have version 8.1 at least to find the location of your cell phone or activate it to sound remote. You do not need more settings after you activate your Microsoft account and it will only work if you are connected to the internet. What you should do is go to the Microsoft devices page. There, you will see all your cell phones and tablets, which you can locate through the service and even add those that are not on the list.

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