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How to Learn Ethical Hacking?

We often find that many people want to start in this world and do not know where to start. This is intended to be a small guide to help all those who are disoriented. The first thing you should know is that there are many websites on the Internet on this subject in which you will find programs loaded with viruses, malware, etc. On this website we have publicity on the pages, since it is the way we have to keep and be able to continue with it open, but you will not find windows that open single advertising or viruses in the programs, all will be direct download programs or links from direct developer that have been tested by me before. What we want to say with this is that before you start practising, you must close your antivirus or many will not be able to be installed, they will even be deleted. It's something basic to start hacking.

Ethical Haching

Does it without fear or you will never learn? Make a backup of your important data and play everything, only that way you learn. As a great advice and complying with the law, I will tell you that you are solely responsible for the use made by these programs and all the techniques shown here, we simply teach you the use and methodology used by hackers to violate networks or programs. If you want to devote to computer security to defend yourselves or your companies, you will need to know how they act from the other side. We do not help you to hack, nor do we encourage you to do so. If we ask you to practice with friends, with the permission of these as much as possible or better yet, you may become accustomed to using virtual machines.

These virtual machines must learn to use them, more and more are the VPS servers or virtual machines used by all types of companies, both for preproduction, as for production. The hackers before starting to perform each action ensure their anonymity before the act they will perform. For this, there are two important issues, the change of IP and the MAC address of the network card. The IP address is a number like that our ISP or Internet service provider provides each time we connect. About this type of concealment you have already heard, for this different methods are used, such as anonymous Internet proxies, specialised browsers, VPNs or programs such as Super Hide IP and others that you can find on the Internet and in the Tools section.

It is important in this case, not to confuse the public IP with the private IP. Private IP is an address within the range of addresses of your router that serves to create network connectivity between computers, either with your router to go online, as with other computers in your network, if you have it, printers of a network, etc. The public IP is what we said as assigned by the ISP and by which you can be located. It is the latter that hackers modify. To see this address, we have put in the Useful section a link that will tell us what our public IP address is, although it is also easy to see it entering the WAN configuration (external connection) of our router. Both to hack, and to prepare you as a computer security technician, the first thing you have to do is have an appropriate system for these tasks. The vast majority use Linux. We recommend openly Kali Linux, with which we will work more frequently, already has many tools for these tasks.

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