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Multi Lingual Website design - 5 Best Practices

How do you design a multilingual website?

Designing your website and making it multi lingual is not an easy task since there will be a lot of planning and executions to be done at first. But after all the hard work is over, the effort will be all worth it. To begin designing such a site, here are the 5 best practices you should consider:

Find your foreign language partner

The right partner for this specific task is not just someone who can speak and write multiple languages but also someone who is already on the job of translating webpages. Your partner should understand about technical factors such as coding, management system used in content and the size of translation that should be done. This person should be able to interact with your web developer and discuss and execute plans accordingly.

Create your website translation
Your website should find the needs for good writing, coding and graphic design with translation in mind. Even if you already have an existing site that you want to translate, you still need to consider a couple of things before you can begin:
What should be translated? Are you aiming to translate the whole website or you just want some portions to be done? Always consider what parts need translation. Do you want to translate your services and products? Or do you want to just highlight important pages you think are important to visitors?

Create a responsive mobile site. Since more and more people are connecting to the web through their mobile devices it is important to make a website design that is responsive to your chosen translation so that you can easily connect with your market.

Design a global brand image
To create the perfect representation of your brand use global templates that can be used for desktops and mobile devices. Make sure that each site you have, represent your brand image while customizing it to fit the taste of your customers. With the use of these templates, you will be able to increase, expand and control your brand and user interface.

Don’t forget Global SEO
Once everything is set in place, don’t forget to optimize so that your customer can find you. To do this you have to:
•           Create subdomains for your foreign language sites
•           Find who your target audience are
•           Find the right keywords to use based on search volumes and relevance
•           Use off-page SEO with the use of backlinks and pay-per-click advertising
•           Translate everything that includes URL addresses, keywords, descriptions, content and meta page titles.

Creating a marketing and outreach strategy
To develop this, focus on your brand, social media reach, and your email marketing strategies. With the use of key performance indicators, you will be able to measure if you are reaching your goals. You can also search a web design company in Myrtle Beach SC to help you in expanding your sites.

While the challenges of doing this kind of website are not that easy to do but with proper planning and the right budget this task could be easily accomplished. 
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