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Hiring a Vessel or Yacht for Charter? Read These 6 Tips First.

You could be hiring a vessel for charter for a number of reasons.  Maybe you just require a vessel to take you out for a leisurely cruise where you control the pace, or maybe its for a special project or expedition. Whatever the reason is, chartering is a great experience.

However, whenever you are in need of a vessel for charter, you have to consider a few things about the boat, your chartering company and of course the people that will be operating the vessel.

1. Pick your chartering company wisely
The chartering company that you pick will make a great difference in your overall chartering experience and chartering companies are not all the same. Look for companies that have a great track record and are known for a great fleet of ships. Try to find out how often they perform maintenance on their ships and the opinions of other people who have done business with them in the past. This is a good indication of their reliability in their field.

2. Know the boat you wish to charter inside and out

Most vessel chartering companies have a list of important details for the boat that you wish to charter. Information about the age of the charter’s fleet, schedules for maintenance, recent repairs and other details of the like can shed some light on the integrity and potential of the boat. It would also help if you have a chance to check out the vessel beforehand and see the conditions for yourself.

3. Get your fees straight

It’s not always a one-off fee or as easy as renting a car but you have to get your fee breakdown in order. Sometimes you could be faced with certain fees that are charged separately from the fee of the charter. Check with the charter company if you have to pay for fees such as insurance. While you’re at it you can consult them with regard to provisioning, do they have a service where they provide the provisions that you need for the excursion, how much does it cost?

4. Knowledge is key and preparation is important

Get all your papers in check and make sure that you are prepared for any possible emergencies that may arise. This includes ensuring that persons responsible for operating the vessel during the charter are well versed in operations. It’s always wise to know the capabilities of the ship that you will be chartering; this includes any special “peculiarities” that the vessel might have with its instrumentation, controls and even special handling. Do not be afraid to ask questions about what to do in any unforeseen events. If you’re unfamiliar with anything you should ask the chartering company. Also make sure that you are fully stocked with the supplies that you need for your trip.

5. Make sure you consult with an experienced individual

Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to check out the vessel that you want to charter and evaluation is done better with a professional, according to shipping expert Albert, consultant at yachtregistrationmalta.net/. There are a lot of things that we can guarantee, however it is always good to have a second opinion on things. An expert can also help you with other requirements such as proper preparation and the necessary documentation that you may need.

These five very simple tips should help you on your way to chartering that perfect vessel for that perfect trip over water. Remember to always make sure that a fully capable licensed individual or team will be operating the vessel during the trip. All that is left to say is Bon Voyage!
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