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3 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Website

Online presence for brands is very important these days as everything is online – from food to clothes, furniture to networking, everything has gone digital. Since people are spending most of their time on smart phones, laptops, tabs etc. with good access to internet, it is important to target these users. One such way is by creating blogs, articles and creative content on your website with good quality writing. This improves your online presence in multiple ways by making your brand more visible online. Here are three reasons why creating a blog on your website is important for improving your website’s ranking and visibility.

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Use of specific SEO keywords

When you create blogs for your website, you need to use a specific set of SEO keywords which are basically the keywords that people look for online in Google search or other such search engines. This helps people find your website and the content of your blogs easily when they look for that specific keyword. For example, if someone is searching for ‘best waterproof mascaras in India’ and your website blog contains content around that keyword with the right place of that keyword as well, your website url link will show up in the google search. In this way, you get quality leads on your website via SEO keywords. There are a lot of digital agencies throughout India that provide guest blogging service in India for your website blogs.

Organic and regular reach

When you create blogs with informational and rich content, you gain a pool or regular readers who look forward to your blogs. This way, you have constant reach on your website which further improves your ranking score in Google search. It is important to note that SEO keywords need to be used in sync with the content of your blogs along with fresh and content that is not plagiarized. Plagiarized content is a big no-no for your blogs as this not only looks very unprofessional but can also get you banned by Google when Google spiders crawl your website content.

Email subscribers’ list

With an email subscriber option on your website, regular viewers who enjoy reading you blogs can subscribe to your website. This way you have a ready list of subscribers to reach out for in case of new launches, important news and monthly newsletters. A healthy email subscriber base is very important for any company which helps in online marketing. A lot of brand strategies for marketing, both mainline and digital, require a ready database of email subscribers which will work in your favor for future strategies!

Digital advertising and media agencies provide different packages for retainer agreements which are monthly, quarterly, annually and so on. Guest blogging is one of the fastest growing industry for advertising and digital marketing. Brands all over India are finally realizing the important of content rich blogs on their websites. So, book your guest blogging service in India today with a digital agency to improve your digital presence online with quality content.
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