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Five Tips for Being a successful Android developer

No one better than an Android developer knows that how hard it’s to build an app for the Android OS, the biggest mobile ecosystem of today’s time. There are tens of types of screens and several active OS versions which make the job of developers quite difficult. The Android app development certainly requires big investments and too much time. 

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But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing available to make the development easier and help developers productively conclude the project. Yes, this post is all about those tips which make the Android app development simpler. Let’s begin.

Take a break

While coding an app, no one can guarantee that your code would start working on the first run. When this happens, the situation may be frustrating. Maybe, you miss catching bugs in the code even after reading it hundreds of times. Or maybe, the debugger isn’t providing anything particular that helps you find the glitches. Maybe, you decide to write the code again and then run it with the thought that problem will be resolved. But it hasn’t. Then try again, change variables, an order of the code and waste time in testing, resting and still, it doesn’t work.

Then after a long struggle, you suddenly find the solution. But did you notice when this happened? Did this just happen when you get up to go to the toilet or, to make tea? Yes, it’s true. It happened when you move out of that environment. It’s an example of the doorway effect – a psychological condition that says that why we go into a room, only to forget what we came in for.

Try this to come up with a more productive Android developer. In fact, this trick isn’t for Android app developers only. People doing other things can also try it to become more productive in whatever they do.

Invest in right technology.

Many developers try to build, test and implement their apps with the use of poor hardware. Also, when you run the emulator, it will slow everything in your system. It may also put your system to a complete halt.  This is why you need to invest in right hardware particularly being an Android developer.

Because Android is an open environment, it does not require you to have a particular desktop OS to code an Android app as iOS developers always need an Apple Mac computer before they begin to build an iPhone or iPad app.

Make future plans

Whenever possible, write about the project, and plan ahead. This will help a lot in the development. A precise plan will help you and your developers tackling the problem before they become uncontrollable. Make a draft of everything in your mind and then sort out which detail is important and which one is not.

Look after your brain AND your body

This is where many programmers lack. The stereotype of a program is of someone who doesn’t have routine life, who drinks a lot of coffee and eats a ton of junk food. Also, this person doesn’t take proper or timely sleep because he or she doesn’t have enough time to do that.
This is how programmers and developers are thought to be living. In fact, it’s true to some extent, too. What a typical developer does, eat and how he or she lives, are not going to take care of their brain and body.

They will need changing their lifestyle, adding some exercises to routine and eating healthy foods to take care of their brain and body which will enhance their productivity.

Control your environment

At last, you have to control your working environment in a way so that you can feel motivated which will add to your overall productivity. Music can distract the minds of programmers as programming partially uses the language center of the brain which can be distracted by music with lyrics. 
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