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5 SEO Mistakes Your Role Models May Be Making.

The world of e-commerce has brought about many changes when it comes to doing business. Nowadays, business routes can be seen online with the emergence of retail sites, promotions blogs, and more.

With the rise of e-commerce also comes the rise of Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process wherein your e-commerce site is optimized to appear more online, for better exposure of your company. The growth of the SEO industry can be seen through the rise of more and more companies offering SEO related services. In line with that, the demand for these services has caused prices to be more feasible for startups. One such company is the affordable SEO service from seoanalytics.pro

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However, as the industry grows, mistakes also multiply. Some people are failing to see, or deliberately ignore, the smaller details because of the sheer size of their business. If you’re a small business, the smaller details can be very crucial and can even make or break your chance at success. 

Here are 5 SEO mistakes the big players are making, which you should definitely not imitate.

1. Not controlling faceted navigation

Having your faceted navigation under control is a very crucial step to making sure that your site is organized. If this is not fully supervised, your site can end up with more category URLs than the number of products you have. Aside from that, some companies choose to lessen the number of pages they have, which is wrong. This may rob you from possibly valuable pages.

2. Slow website speed

This is rather basic, but very important. Site speed can make a big difference in terms of user engagement, with faster speeds encouraging more people to browse through your site. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and you’ll realize how important it is to invest in lag-inducing features for your website.

3. Relying on XML for indexation

Organization is key to a smooth and competitive site, which is why the concept of crawl paths is something you should never forget. Relying on XML for page indexation can increase the chances of broken links and other problems that may hinder good indexation and cause your pages to be caged instead of appearing. 

4. Wrong tagging

Wrong tagging, or using tags wrongly, can range from conflicting tags to subpar tagging. Instead of giving each page an individual tag, most companies commit a big mistake of simply making their pages canonical to the home page, lowering the chances of Google recognizing what the other pages feature.

5. Using ugly URLs

Last but not the least, aesthetics actually matter when talking about URLs, because believe it or not they have an impact on user engagement. Dwelling on the more psychological side of things, using shorter and more organized URLs can appear to look easier for users, thus encouraging activity, instead of having a URL that looks like a math problem. 

There are a lot more mistakes to be explored and avoided. However, these 5 are some of the mistakes being committed by your very role models in the SEO industry. Aside from making sure you avoid these mistakes, be sure you explore your options to find better ways and roads to success.
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