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Google Will Release Pixel 2, Will It Be Too Expensive?

If before there were any doubts as to whether successor of Google Pixel and Pixel XL release, which became the best smartphone of the corporation ever created, it is now no doubt left that the line will be continued. Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of Google, confirmed that the company will release a new smartphone Google Pixel 2 in the current year.

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"In the industry there is an annual cycle Thus, you can expect that we will follow him." - Osterloh said. "You can count on a successor this year, even if you do not hear from me until date".

He also confirmed that the Google Pixel 2 will be a premium device with a high price. In turn, this means that, most likely, the price of Pixel 2 will not be lower than the current $ 650, Pixel with 32 GB (128 GB version of c sold for $ 100 more expensive). In other words, Google has committed to the sale of premium smartphones at affordable prices, as it was with the Nexus devices for many years.

Rick Osterloh, in addition confirmed that the Pixel will continue to apply to the upper price segment, but cheap vehicles under this brand Google has no plans to release: the company is not going in the lower sector of the market to compete with other manufacturers. It is expected that the new Google devices again offer advanced hardware stuffing, will make the new features and make them protected against water and dust.

Osterloh based on the comments, we can expect that the new flagship will be released this fall, it will be exactly a year since the first smartphone Pixel.

As for what you can expect from Google Pixel 2 that until now little is known about it. The only clue - a report in January which reported on the ongoing work by Google on multiple versions of Pixel second-generation smartphones. Rumors says that the smartphone will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon processor 835 is powered by Qualcomm's, improved camera and waterproof. Last month, Google product manager, Krishna Kumar, asked members to share ideas on improving existing Pixel smartphones.

Regardless of how it will look Pixel 2, he will have to take on something more than just a high-end specifications. As Samsung, and Apple, this year will release a flagship smartphone with curved display from edge to edge. In this situation with today's smartphones are already designed to look shabby, that is inexcusable for the flagship of the leading companies. So, Google is forced to seek a breakthrough design, the results of which we will see in six months.

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