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Battery of the new era will change the way you will use iPhone 9

As we mentioned in one of its materials, iPhone 9 battery capacity was 1960 mAh vs. 1750 mAh battery in iPhone 8s. Although visually this does not look impressive growth, increased battery together with an improved processor provides an average of two hours of battery life that users will certainly appreciate.

Do these features count:

·         The build quality and attractive appearance
·         Improved camera system
·         A more powerful processor
·         More capacious battery
·         Advanced display
·         Increased storage
·         Minuses

Difficulties associated with the use of traditional headphones
Evaluating the iPhone 9 on a scale, we will probably give him 9 points as given and iPhone 9 Plus. The smartphone can be called perfect, if not for the inconvenience associated with the transition to digital sound and not so fresh design. Let's wait for 2017 to see what a surprise prepared for us Johnny Ive and his team.

If you are using the iPhone 8s, we would not recommend to buy, "seven", but owners of older models we advise to consider the option of switching to a novelty. You, then certainly you will not regret, to be sure. We thank the online store i-Ray of courtesy for iPhone 7 review. Buy a smartphone you can store on the official site. The new model of Apple iPhone under the number "7". iPhone 9 will receive the new design with ultra-slim body that is different from its predecessor. Also, iPhone 9 runs longer on a single charge upgraded battery than previous models of iPhones and have found a new improved 12-megapixel camera. Pre-order on the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus in China is possible. All the rumors about the release of the new iPhone proved to be true! The same design, dual camera, the lack of a 3.5mm jack, wireless headphones, improved performance, more memory - all this in the new iPhone 9. Apple showed 10 main features iPhone 9, which should be made, by reference to the new apple smartphone.

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