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15 Ways to Grow on YouTube | Get More Subscribers And Views.

Previously we discussed about YouTube sub4sub trend. Why it is bad & why you should not do that to get subscribers and views. As I promised I'm back with another article that will explain you how you are going to get that right way? Basically more subscribers means more views right? and today everything is about Monetization, Page Views and TRPs. As we discussed in previous article YouTube performs clean up algorithm and banns fake accounts and those accounts which affects it's policy. If you missed our previous conversation here you go: Youtube Sub4Sub | Is it Good or You're Guilty ? So, In this article we are going to discuss that how to get more views and subscribers legitimate/right way according to YouTube policy.

Get More Youtube Views - Subscribers | IMFROSTY

Here are my top 15 tips to get more subscribers and more views on YouTube.

1. Make Good Strategy to Grow on YouTube :

A good plan or strategy is important factor to success on any field not only on YouTube Vlog but also for a Blog. Before you start your YouTube channel you must have idea ready. What are you going to show on that channel, at least for few episodes/videos, after that you can go with the flow/situation. Once you get little fame on YouTube, automatically people are going to suggest / request you to make videos on particular topics Always create Niche based channels. general video channels are likely to be less successful on YouTube which contains all type of videos. Your channel must cover single particular area like technology, music, sports. etc.

2. Produce Meaningful Content :

Meaningful content is really necessary for creating YouTube videos and for blog articles too. If you don't have something interesting to share people are not going to remember you. If you don't know what to say in videos. I would suggest you to not start YouTube channel only for money. I'm sure you're not going to get that. People are not going to waste their time watching meaningless videos. We know there are many success stories on YouTube and many people are there which are successful on YouTube and makes decent amount of money. But you really need to ask them personally that how much they struggled and worked hard to reach at that level. even after that if you want to start YouTube channel, I would suggest you to take some time, be relaxed, read books as much you can as possible, get inspired, watch other people's videos on YouTube, First gain lots of knowledge yourself and then spit it out on your videos. Don't copy other peoples content but combine all those videos and book knowledge together and make something creative yourself  I'm sure people are going to love that and they will respect you.

3. Upload As Many Videos As Possible :

There are basically 2 ways to gain more views, either you make few but viral videos or you make more videos with less views. In end conclusion will be equal. you will get the views. But nobody knows which videos will get viral. so I would really recommend you to work hard, make as many possible good meaningful videos on YouTube to grow faster. and if some of them gets viral, it's definitely good for you.

4. Write Meaningful Video Title & Use Eye Catchy Video Thumbnails :

I see many videos on YouTube that has misleading titles or wrong thumbnail images, They should really match with video content, with what are you going to convince in video. If you will use fake titles and thumbnails, people are not going to trust your videos anymore, It might happen that, next time if you share something interesting in videos but they are not going to watch that anymore, Thumbnails plays an important role to get more video views, Use colorful thumbnails which will surely attract visitors and of course it must relate with the content, Thumbnails explains more than video title. Sometimes people don't even read video titles and watch video only because of attractive thumbnails.

5. Customize YouTube Channel Layout :

Add attractive channel art in heading and and use attractive channel icon to gain more subscribers, Provide meaningful channel description, It will help visitors to understand what this channel is really about when they visit first. If they are with same interest they will definitely subscribe to your channel. Categorize videos according to it's type and make different playlist based on video type. It will help visitors to easily find what are they looking for. YouTube provides Simple 2 types of layout, horizontal and vertical, In which you can further categorize your videos i.e likes uploads etc.

6. Create an Attractive Intro and outro :

Intros are the first few seconds of videos, which defines the brand symbol/logo, Like "brought to you by" then your name or channel names, It will help your channel to become more popular and people will get to know about you. outros are the last few seconds in which you can thank people for watching video or you can suggest them to subscribe, or to follow you on other social media to connect. Intros and outros must be of 10 seconds max. I won't suggest you to go beyond that.

There are many free tools available online  using which you can create interesting 3d creative intro or outroes. some of those free tools have restrictions like they will only provide intro with lower quality i.e 720p even with their brand name/ logo and if you want HD or 4k intros they might charge you for that, I personally use Adobe After Effects to create 3d intros and 3d animations like that. But it needs high end PC to render those heavy animations. It took me 1 hour to render 10 second intro. So I wont recommend it. If  you're running on lower end PC, you should definitely go for Panzoid, Its opensource online tool available and it will help you to generates beautiful 4k intros free of cost.

7. Make Your Channel a Brand :

Keep your channel name as simple to remember and create professional logo and intros. Post your videos regularly like 1/2 video par day or par week but maintain continuity. YouTube likely to Index those channel's videos more which posts videos regularly. you videos will rank higher and will appear before somebody else's in YouTube search results. I wont suggest you to create YouTube channel with your personal name unless you're an artist like singer or something but create it with unique professional brand name. It will help to gain trust of people.

8. Limit the Videos to Under 10 Minutes & Straight 2 Point :

Don't stretch too much in videos, do not play round and round saying same thing again and again. speak straight to the point and try to conclude your message with in 10 minutes. Don't create too small videos either like 1-2 minutes. 10 minutes are enough to convince what you want to say. Try to speak about one topic in one video, It'll help you to create more videos and peoples won't be bored with long lectures. I think you're experiencing it right now with this long article right ? ha..ha.. we don't want viewers to experience the same.

9. Creatively Edit your Video :

Video editing is an art, If you use it wisely it'll help viewers to understand your message correctly and help you to gain more views and subscribers. You can use different effects and animations to effectively present your idea. You can use Videoscribe. It is online tool which help to make cool videos with drawing especially for Educational / Tutorial videos. You can also use Prezi to make creative presentation video. For general video editing you can use "Final Cut Pro" for MAC. As I'm running on Windows PC. I use "Magix Movie Edit Pro" for editing my videos. "Adobe Premiere Pro" is also great platform to edit professional videos. shoot videos on day light, We don't want it too dark or bright. use good cameras to shoot video. You can buy small cheap tripod for smartphones to get stable images out of it as smartphone cameras works great in lower budget at starting.

10. Don't Underestimate Video Description :

Video descriptions are equally important as that of videos, You can provide links to other relative content you are talking about in video. like if you are reviewing any content on YouTube. You can provide link to viewers to when to buy that product or download that software. You can add referral affiliate marketing link to that product you want users to click in descriptions. in that you'll make some bucks side by side. if you're talking about multiple things in video you can list them in description with time format i.e MM::SS so that user can skip directly to that topic as YouTube has that feature. you may like to use. According you YouTube policy you must not use copyrighted music in videos but in case you used that by mistake, credit to that original artist in descriptions to avoid copyright infringement. and getting banned from YouTube.

11. Tag Video Properly :

Tags are the keywords that people uses to search on YouTube. and if your video has it. YouTube will definitely pop your video up in search result. people are always searching for something. tag your video properly to gain enough visitors and subscribers. YouTube will also try to suggest your video along with other people's video which has same tags and talking about relevant context. YouTube also tries to figure out niche of channel from tags. and if will suggest users to subscribe on your channel.

12. Conclude on a High Note. :

It's been surveyed that people may not remember what ever you tried to convince in whole video but they will definitely remember what ever you tried to convince in the end of video .say something interesting joyful at the end so they can not forget you and subscribe to your channel to watch more videos. be polite, thank them for viewing your video tell them to share it with their friends on other social media sites. to gain more views.

13. Consider Collaborating With Fellow YouTubers. :

Make a pack with other YouTubers, Collaborate with them, Take some advice, Observe them how they are doing it. Invite them on your channel and make videos together, In this way you'll also get views form their fans and followers, sometimes visit to their channel.  In this way more people will know you and finally you will end up with getting more subscribers and views.and it will lead to your success on YouTube.

14. Consider Freebies and Challenges :

Arrange some contest and make videos about it, Ask viewers some interesting questions or to do some tasks. Tell them to comment Answer or if you're using YouTube live chat you can tell them to post answer and provide them some gift within your budget, People are dying out there for free stuff, Sometime even an appreciation would be enough. If the winner lives in same town of your, Invite him on channel and make video together. appreciate him, He will be happy and viewers will surely recommend your channel to other people and you will get video views.

15 : Hustle For First 1,000 Subscribers :

It has been told that Passion and Patience are two important factors to be successful in any field, If you are thinking YouTube is totally nice place where you can make money easily, you're wrong my friend. First month you might end up with 98 subscribers and in other week you'll have 92 because some of you're friends not liking your videos and unsubscribed. after that you'll again get 50 subscribers and this journey continues until 6 months to 1 year. and these numbers highly depends on how many videos you make, quality of content you share and how patiently. It's completely natural process and your progress may not be same as other people you know on YouTube. You have to  work really hard to make creative content and try to share it with the world. YouTube is similar jobs like other corporate jobs and you have to be professional and with passion. Most of the people give up YouTube before 1,000 subscribers. But trust me my friends once you reached the level of  1,000 you're job will be little easy, after 10,000 more easy and after 50,000 subscribers everything will work like water flow. then you'll always see you're graph rising above and above No handwork at all..

YouTube is world 2nd most visited site after google, so I think it's worth to do everything to find success. I hope you enjoyed this article, and it helped you, If you like it don't forget to share it with your cool friends. and Like us on Facebook to make sure you wont miss any of these information.
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