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YouTube Sub4Sub | Is It Good or You're Guilty | Why ?

Hey guys, Welcome to IMFROSTY. In this article I want to warn you about something that a lot of people seems to do and it's absolutely terrible and that's doing sub for sub or buying subscribers and get into trouble. It's probably one of the worst things you can do on YouTube. So basically buying subscribers is pretty self-explanatory you'll go on some site and they will promise to sell you real subscribers that are never real there's bots so you will get excessive amount of subscribers but you will get no views. And many times those subscriptions are done with fake accounts.

In those promising websites you will be doing some tasks like signup for other websites & get subscribers in return. or usually you will get other people to subscribe for you in exchange for subscribing to them back. But the result for both of these methods is exactly the same and that's you get in active subscribers on these sub for sub sites you'll have people subscribing to hundreds and hundreds of channels so that they get hundreds and hundreds of subscribers but none of these people are watching each other's videos because they subscribe to hundreds just to get that higher count and a lot of times notice unsubscribe anyway.

Now the reason you don't want these really an inactive subscribers is because when you upload a video then Youtube is going to show these videos in people's feeds and of course they're never going to click them so that tells you tube that no one likes watching these videos no one's clicking these videos they are uninteresting.

Which is going to punch your video because YouTube tried to show your video to all these people and none of them clicked on it and it's the same for buying subscribers you go to these sites and of course they claim the real subscribers but they never are they have never real subscribers there's no way to buy subscribers legitimately it's impossible & it doesn't exist no matter what they say so don't do it because you're going to get inactive subs.

You might think well even if they don't watch the videos I still have that higher number of subscribers that's going to be bad for you as well for the reason. I just read somewhere about the algorithm. YouTube is going to figure out that they're fake, usually also because those fake subscribers or the supper subs are also subscribing to hundreds if not thousands of other channels.

YouTube is going to know that and you to actually does periodically go through and delete inactive subs that are fake accounts and that could punish your channel as well. We don't really know how they deal with channels that had to have a lot of Inactive subs but I wouldn't be surprised if they punish those channels. Recently I have found a YouTube channel named My Smart Support, YouTube has disabled comment section for all videos  of that channel for 3 months as punishment, Even though channel has real subscribers but visitors where playing "Sub 4 Sub" so much in comment section. :D This article is just my warning to you guys that stay away from these king of stuff, they can even ban your account for doing that.

If you do this, it's actually going to hurt later on if you get real subscribers legitimately because YouTube is going to punish all your videos algorithmically. if no one's clicking on them because they're fake subs so then when a real subscriber comes around it's not going to show your videos to them because it thinks they're garbage so no matter how you slice it guys the message is the same don't buy.

And the thing is that subscribers don't do suffer. it's only going to hurt you. I'm sure many of you already knew this but for those of you who really didn't know & newbie in town, Do not do that because it's the worst thing you can do just stick to.

legitimate ways of promoting your videos and making meaningful content and that's how you get a bigger channel, You may like to read our other article about How to grow on YouTube & how to get more subscribers legit way.

So I hope you guys found this article helpful. You can let me know what do you think in the comments section below and be sure to share it with your cool friends if you enjoyed this article. It should be worth writing so I am looking forward to hearing from you guys thanks for reading.
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