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How to Optimize Facebook Graph Search for Business?

Facebook Graph Search is an integration of content available on Facebook with Bing Directory. If we talk about Social Media Optimization (SMO) then Facebook comes first then rest exists. If we talk about nation on the basis of population then Facebook Comes after India and China, so we can imagine how it is viral throughout the world!Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), experts are also optimizing business sites or business fan page for Facebook Graph Search. Always keep one thing in your mind, if your business sites are away from Facebook then you are missing one-third of traffic to your business site because these days Facebook is another way to popularize your business. Launching of Facebook Graph Search made it on limelight.

Optimize Facebook Graph Search Business

On optimizing your site for Google or some other search engine needs extra effort in the field of link building, Off page SEO, On page SEO, exclusive content creation, etc; but with Facebook Graph Search, it is completely opposite, let me clear you everything- Contents are already available on Facebook means Contents in the form of photos, videos, profile info, etc provided by users, but we need to optimize to make it in our favor. For Facebook Graph Search, you don’t need to do activities like, Link Building, Guest Blogging, Directory Submission, etc, here you only need to be active figure and give answers to questions asked by Facebook. That’s it! Let me disclose methods to optimize Facebook Graph Search for your Business.

Methods to Optimize Facebook Graph Search

Before we discuss methods to optimize Facebook Graph Search, you need to create a Fan Page of your business (either online business or offline business). It is very easier to create a fan page on Facebook, you need to click on Create page then follow steps ahead. Let’s continue our journey to optimize Facebook Graph Search.

#1 Fill Basic categories and About section properly
When you sign up for Facebook fan page creation, firstly it’ll ask you to select your category so it is better to define your category in appropriate manner so that you can easily get top search results in Facebook Graph Search. Also fill sub-categories as smartly as you can, if possible take use of your keywords while filling sub-categories.

Same applies to About section, fill your about section appropriately with your keywords. You know- Facebook page appears even in Google search results so use your keyword in your Facebook page id too.

#2 Manage Check-Ins for Facebook Graph Search
Check-Ins plays another vital role to optimize Facebook Graph Search for your business page. When your business has office in real world then don’t forget to mention your place, street, ZIP or PIN code. These days one can easily find out location by getting mobile number so you can mention phone number of your office.

Tips to manage Check-Ins for better result in Facebook Graph Search
  • Organize Contest- You can organize a contest for your customers and distribute prize by checking-them in at your office.
  • Signature Style- Now you should change your signature online, means you can place link or banner link of your Facebook fan page wherever you’ll share things or content online to increase activities on your fan page.
  • Freebies- Freebies are only things that inspire people to do anything, even miracle. You can distribute freebies by asking people to checking in at your business.
#3 Tagging
Upload a relevant photo to the wall of your business page and make it publicly open for all then tag your friends from entire world to your uploaded photo. It’ll help you to get so many likes and comments that suddenly increase your authority to Facebook Graph Search so you can get better rank there.

#4 Tips to optimize WordPress site for Facebook Graph Search
For WordPress blog, there are several plugins, one of them is WP Social SEO Booster that helps you to optimize your website’s content for Facebook Graph Search.
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