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Ultimate Check List Before Buying Old / Deleted / Expired Domain Names.

If you want to buy an existing domain with or without content then you got to check so many metrics and do research on that domain. you must check the genuineness of the domain carefully. It's really Important for search engine optimization.

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Here is the important check list one need to observe before buying existing domains from others:

1. Fake PR Check

Generally sellers come with domains and offer different prices based on the Page Rank allotted by Google to that domain. Price of the domain is always directly proportional to the Page Rank. The more the PR the higher is the price of the specific domain.

Fine then, shall I proceed straight way to pay the price after coming to know the PR of the domain? Absolutely wrong move it will be. Now a days so many manipulations happen to get good PR for a domain. PR manipulations mainly done by redirecting the site to a high PR domain or website for few months and once PR gets updated then they stop redirecting the domain and start selling the domain with that updated PR.

2. Dropped Domains

A domain that has expired that was previously registered for at least one year. If the registrant does not renew the domain then it goes through a “drop cycle”. If not registered in time means it might be of less importance to the registrar more than he forgot to do so. It can be adsense hit. It might have been penalized and the owner not interested in renewing. Reasons could be many. Advertisers will look for if the domain is dropped or not. Preference is given to the domains that are not dropped. Best Place to find is ExpiredDomains.net.

3. Number of changes

More than the age of the domain, you need to see how many changes it has gone through in its life time. There are so many websites that tell this kind of metrics about the domain. If there are too many number of changes to the name servers, etc… then it is not preferable to buy that domain.

4. Redirection check

Page rank can be made genuine even after redirection by stopping it after PR update and adding or publishing some posts on the website. For example if there is a .info site that you want to buy then check the same domain with .com is available or not and also check its Page rank. If the PR of the domain you are buying is less than one with the PR of the similar domain with other domain extension (well established) then surely its a redirected domain once. So do not prefer this domain to buy.

5. Backlinks

When a domain gets PR without any backlinks but the PR shows genuine then also it should be considered as Fake PR. Unless until there are minimum 5 to 10 strong back-links it is not advisable to believe Page rank of that specific domain.

6. Web Archive

If you are buying a aged domain then after checking fake PR it is advisable to check if that specific domain has any website installed on it previously. It is possible to get every snapshot using some websites like web-archive.org and if the content of the website matches with your needs then go with it otherwise reject it. The content could be illegal or not matches with your niche then also strictly reject.

7. Harmful links

If you are buying the domain along with the content then observe if it has any harmful out bound links from the site. If it has wordpress then you can find external links using the plugins. If not then there are several websites that give this information.

8. Adsense Ban Check

Check if the website is adsense banned or not. If you are looking for the domain with the content to be used for earning with adsense then better check that website is banned for using adsense or not. bannedcheck.com and similar websites will give this kind of information.

9. Copyright names

Do not prefer domain names that are registered exclusively with the existing brand names that have copyrights. You may not know when your domain will be on a toss legally. So better avoid these kind of domains.

Each and every item in the above check list is mandatory before you buy domains and earn from them either through adsense, 3rd party ads, reviews, flipping, etc…

If you interact with the seller then better discuss all these details and if you get genuine answers proceed otherwise simply reject. Generally sellers use tactics and words such as “Buy it fast I have other people waiting for this domain” instead of giving direct answer. Then also simply reject and do not hesitate to say NO.
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