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Have You Run out of Things to Say? 4 Sources for Blog Writing Inspiration.

Blogging is very much like beginning any new hobby. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument, writing a novel, or any other creative endeavor, there is a “beginner’s luck” phase, in which you only see clear skies and smooth sailing. You have tons of ideas for your blog, and they all come out flowing. Then, after a few weeks or months, the flow slows to trickle. Writing anything seems infinitely hard, let alone writing full-length content consistently. Then you get discouraged, and you may feel like throwing in the towel. What most bloggers at this stage need is inspiration.

Inspired Writing.

Here are a few common and exciting places to turn to.
  1. Read a controversial book or essay and write about it.
    In an age in which reading blogs and Facebook status updates is the only form of reading done, picking up a book and writing about it is a good way to distinguish yourself. Of course, you probably aren’t a book reviewer, so it won’t do to pick up any old fiction bestseller. Find a book or lengthy essay that is related to your niche. The more controversial, the better. Then write a response to it, in which you lay out your thoughts and opinions.
  2. Go out and experience something unusual, then blog about it.
    Sometimes inspiration is right around the corner. And sometimes it’s in another country. If you’ve run out of material for your blog, chances are that you need a vacation. And a vacation doesn’t necessary mean an overseas one. Visit something local that you’ve never seen before, or go on a road trip with friends. You are bound to find something unusual that can inspire a blog article.
  3. Ask your friends and family for ideas.
    Your closest friends and family probably know how your mind works better than anyone else does. Approach loved ones who are at least marginally acquainted with your blog, and pick their brains for ideas. Cast your nets wide, and discuss with those friends of yours who suggested the best ideas. Using this collaborative strategy is one of the best ways to renew interest and get inspired about your blog all over again.
  4. Read a bunch of other blogs in your niche, and see what other people are talking about.
    At this point, you probably do read a few blogs, but try reading a bit more. Use a spreadsheet to tally the most popular topics and the topics that are just starting to gain ground. Of course, copying is not a good source of inspiration, but it is good to take a popular idea and write about it better than anybody else. Do more research and try to see if you can find the “next big thing.” Trying to keep up with what is popular in the blogosphere is a fun game of cat-and-mouse, especially considering that what’s popular changes so quickly on the Internet. Checking current trends on Google, Facebook, AllTop etc might help you for that.
Of course, only you know yourself very well, and you know what, precisely inspires you. These sources are simply designed to get the ball rolling again. If you feel frustrated, know that losing motivation to blog is completely normal. At some point, you’ll start back up again, after actively seeking inspiration. Good luck!
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