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Hard Facts About Blogging That We Should Accept.

If we take sheen out of blogging, the bare facts will start hurting us so badly that we need to find a way to make it appear glamour job. But reality is hard to overlook and the reality is that blogging is not a career option at least. You can take it as a hobby but with caution because it can leave out sooner than you can expect. It requires a passion for writing and a keen desire to post something unique and exciting. I have personally seen people taking up blogging as a profession and then given up within the next two months. Now, if you do not wish to join this bandwagon, you need to aware of the flipsides of blogging if you want to kick start your career in this domain.

Facts About Blogging

Blogging isn’t that Easy : Contrary to popular perception, blogging is anything but easy job. It requires a certain degree of devotion, dedication and a keen desire to present things that people in general will find truly interesting and engaging. It takes some doing to choose the topic, brainstorm to get the concept into tangible words, find the proper images and finally get it posted in the blog. And then it is not the end of the job. You need to work hard to promote in different social media websites. Now, initial enthusiasm is likely to die down as soon as you see that all your going down the drains as the Analytics is not showing any positive signs.  So, you need to be mentally prepare that blogging is going to make you earn thousands of dollars each month. It will take months, sometimes more than six moths to see your blog showing some signs of improvements.

It is not business all the time: Lets face is that on one can survive solely on blogging. You can take it a side business, earn some good bucks by selling some adds in the blog or adding Google Adsense but none of them dilute the importance of having a day job. You can see things this – blog is the best tool to promote your business but do not take it as the business itself. Blogging is a means to boost your business and not the other way round.

Blogging isn’t all about you: Blogging may sound personal but if you wish to build up a good rapport with some people who regularly visit your website and read your posts, you should not turn your blog into a personal journal. Instead of using ‘I’ and ‘me’ all the time, you need to use ‘you’ and sometimes ‘them’ to reflect the concerns of visitors and to make them feel that you care for them. People like to read interesting articles, tips, great images and other facts that make them feel good or at least shock them but if your blog is filled with droll of  personal information, it will soon kiss the dust.

Blog is about interaction: Staying aloof from your readers and treating them as inferiors is certainly not the way forward by any standard. You have seen people commenting on your blog but have ever thought of replying their queries probably not. This is probably the biggest mistake a blogger can commit in his career. However, not all comments are important. There are some who comments only to get a linkback their website whereas some people comments only to vent their feeling. Special attention should be given to latter. 

Practice doesn’t help always: Practice makes a man perfect. Sounds true but the fact is that it cannot be applied everywhere. There are some exceptions and you have to accept. We cannot become Shakespeare no matter how hard we may try. Every man has his limitation and potentials. We need to find out our potentials as a blogger before we go on blogging like anything else. Rather than writing regularly, you need to take a break and try to perfect your writing style, add some unique elements in them to make it look polish if you are to survive in this cut throat competitive environment.
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