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Why Most Bloggers Don’t Succeed in Blogging?

Today blogging has become the end thing and every one want to go into blogging after hearing about how many their friends, relations or some internet guru makes monthly. Today there are millions of blogs exists online, in fact thousands are launched every day but the truth is that it is a very small number of such bloggers that succeed. So what really make some succeed and most not. Below are the key reasons why many do not succeed.


Blogging for the wrong reason
Blogging is meant to share knowledge and experience. Initially that was what bloggers were doing, until when people started making money out of blogging and attention on the main purpose of blogging was diverted to something else-making money. As a blogger if your primary aim of blogging is to make money and not to share your expertise or life experience then you are writing blogs for the wrong reason and would most likely fail. As soon as new bloggers get into the blogosphere and discover that it’s not as easy as they thought making money with blogging was, they get weary and give up. Blogging will fetch you a lot of money but you must be rightly positioned first and then willing to work hard at adding value to others peoples life by sharing for free what you might have spent thousands of dollars to learn for free or what you have even taken years to learn. Blogging is all about improving other people’s lives not just about making money. It’s about helping others .It’s about helping others avoid the mistake you made that almost cost your life. It’s about been your brother’s keeper. It’s about been a helping hand. It’s about caring and loving. It’s about educating. It’s about entertaining. It’s about providing valuable information to others. Anyone who has the right mindset in blogging will surely without doubt make a lot of money. People all over the world are in desperate search of self-help information (information that will help them get something done for their selves) If they discover anybody who is ready to meet their needs without a string attached they will always return to your blog and also tell others about your blog and before you know it money will begin to roll in.

Lack of SEO Knowledge
Sometime, blogger really wants to share good knowledge to his readers but due to lack of Search Engine Optimization and other technical knowledge he can not get enough visitors/readers from search engines and blogging becomes boring and finally he stops writing good content or stops shearing it with the world.

Get Rich Quick Attitude
Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact if you try to make it one it will punish you. Making money with blogging is for men at heart not for boys. The men will persist and be patient while the boys will give up after few months of no-traffic-and-money. Blogging is like a million miles journey that begins with a step. It’s like an empire that takes time and patience to build. It’s like a child that needs time and care to grow. It’s like a long time investment scheme. This is what some bloggers don’t want to hear but it is the golden truth that we must accept if we want to make anything tangible as bloggers. If you approach blogging with this kind of mentality you will go nowhere. It is this kind of mentality that makes most newbie bloggers indulge in dubious acts online, like black hat SEO and other forms of spamming and gaming, just to make quick money. If you have such a mindset in blogging you will be punished. Google will punish you, other bloggers will desert you, your few readers will desert you and you will be left alone to read your blogs.

Lack of Clear and Detailed Vision
Blogging is not all about having a blog and posting articles there daily or weekly and expecting readers to fly in. It’s far beyond that. You must be mentally prepared before you even get into blogging. What I mean is that you must have a clear vision and plan that you are going to work on. If you have no vision and a detailed plan you will be always distracted by what others are doing. What someone else is doing and making money may make you regret. Have your own plan and stick to it.
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