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Ethical Techniques To Build BackLinks Using White Hat SEO.

When you start blogging, you soon realize that it is not enough to simply provide good stuff and high quality blogs. A blog is useless without viewers. (Unless of course, you are a purist blogging sheerly for the joy of doing so!) One excellent way of driving traffic to your site is through backlink on other sites. Building High PR backlinks is so important that a whole category of bloggers have specialized in the use of ‘black hat’ methods to drive traffic to their blogs. Here are ethical and quality ways to building backlink for your blog. Google backlink tool to find you're current links.

How to Get Backlinks

There are many Black Hat ways to build quality backlinks but they harms you're website traffic instead of improving it so here are my WhiteHat SEO Techniques.
  1. Commenting: Commenting on other blogs with similar content and matter will automatically backlink and pass page rank to your blog. In order to make it effective, be true in your comments and do not make them for the sake of commenting.
  2. Guest posts : Submitting a guest post to other’s blogs is another good way to obtain back links. Again, make sure that you do not blog for every blog that presents you an opportunity. Try to locate popular blogs in your niche and blog for them.
  3. Using Directories: Web directories host a huge list and links to different websites. There are also many open directories on the net that you can access for free. They not only fetch a lot of back links but also drive traffic in a white manner.
  4. Social Bookmarking: This method has been misused by many ‘black hat’ marketers. However, the secret is to post links in social networking sites but allow the magic to be worked by quality content. People are hungry for quality content and that will ensure back links to your blog.
  5. Link baiting: In topics of your liking, search out for what popular bloggers are saying. Post something out of the norm or something radical and appeal to the curiosity or interests of such surfers. Their interest in you will itself result in promotion of your blog in a white manner. This does not mean that you go after or attack good bloggers. Being nasty never helps, either in blogging or in life!
  6. Link exchange programmers: While buying backlinks is definitely a black hat practice, exchanging links is white hat Search Engine Optimization practice and will help you build up a lot of backlinks. Link exchange is like friendship. It is between equals. Seek out fellow bloggers who are in similar situations like you and exchange links with them. Again, make sure that the content and theme of the blogs with which you exchange links are complementary.
Conclusion: Whatever might be the tricks and tips, the only assured and definite way to popularize your blog is to provide quality content. The tips outlined above only help to speed up getting the popularity. Note however, that if you lack in quality content, the same tips and tricks may hasten your downfall in the blogging world!
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