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How To Find Best Domain Name and Manage DNS Server?

Domain name is nothing but URL (Universal Resource Locator), which overlaps the IP address of the computer where your website is actually hosted or webpages are stored remotely, which helps people to remember website address easily. It is unique address dedicatedly allotted just for you, no one else uses this. And it has different domain extensions i.e. .com, .net, .gov, .in, .us etc. Buying .com domain name is more preferable.

Domain Names

Choosing a right domain name is really important for success of your business, It should be small, meaningful and more human readable. The domain registrar can be any one..

You can register your new domain name at any popular web hosting service (i.e. GoDaddy, Big Rock, Host gator) also buy expired domain names which are good for Search Engine Optimization and for getting high traffic.

I will suggest you to use Instant Domain Search , which really easy tool for finding your new domain Quickly. And Expired Domains tool for finding High PR (Page Rank) domain names which are expired. These tools are just for searching right domain keyword for great success of your business, after that you can actually register domain with that keyword at any web hosting service, it’s your decision. These tools will help you to find whether that domain is available or already registered.

These, domain names are paid, you cannot get it for free, so please don’t waste your time for searching Free .com domains (root domains, gTLDs, ccTLDs).

If you want free domain names at starting, you can go with subdomain names ( You can also request me at to get free sub domain.

And if you want root domains for free then you must go with other extensions i.e. .CF (Central Africa domain Name), .TK, .GA etc. All these free domains can be registered through but they are not good for Search Engine Optimization. So you won’t get enough visitors at your site. And your business can not grow faster.

After Registering your domain you need to setup DNS records to domain control panel to link with your webhost following are some Popular DNS records and their information. 
  • A – => 123.456.789.123 (link root domain to Webhost IP Address).
  • CNAME – www => (setting Subdomain or Redirect URL)
  • MX – => (used to setup webmail)
  • NS – => (links domain to webhosting server)
You can also use NoIP, FreeDNS, OpenDNS or CloudFlare DNS Manager to setup you're domain name, they are free, provide Anonymity, Security and Easy to Use interface for managing DNS records, CloudFlare DNS manager is shown below.

cloudflare free dns manager

For More Details Please Check This Out :  List of DNS record types and how to use it.
And you are done with domain, Now Let’s setup Web hosting.
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