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How To Make Your Own Website | Step Wise Tutorial From Scratch.

Internet is growing day by day, Even if it’s giant already. Everyday tons of new people join internet. They are searching for something 24/7hrs, learning something new each moment, and I hope you already know “what does even an internet mean?” Nobody owns Internet, It’s just for people. You can even tell that I own internet by buying $1 internet data plan from your service provider. There are many people who make billions of money out of internet. Which is one of small advantage for creating a website !!  And websites are also to be created for sharing information, social applications, scientific reasons, we can’t even count the number of benefits out of it.

How To Make A Website

One day, when I joined internet, I didn’t even know that any common people just like you and me can create own website, I thought it’s build by any company or organization by paying thousands of web developers. And it’s true in fact little bit. I have struggled 6 years to dig all these things and built a website which you are reading it right now. I’m writing this article here just to boost your start up. It is very vast subject to learn but I have covered just essential points which may help you.

But no, today anybody can have their own website with very common basic knowledge. You just need is right use of time and internet, to make a successful high earning website, you need to stop wasting your time behind any social networks i.e. Facebook, Whats App etc. and other activities and just need to focus on your website and following instructions.

First of all, before creating a website you need to have some basic things to get considered.
  1. Why should you make your own Website ?
  2. Which type of Website do you want to Build ?
  3. Getting Own Domain Name (Ex.
  4. Choosing the best Web Hosting Service Provider.
  5. Choosing Best CMS For Your Website.
  6. Search Engine Optimization.
  7. Making Money out of that Website.
Just go through the topics listed Above to Get Started. I'm sure you will find your solution. if you still have some doubts feel free to ask in comments below.
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