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What is Search Engine Optimization | SEO Importance.

Search Engine Optimization is all about Indexing and link building practice for any website to appear into Search Engine Result, consider a class room right now and I’m trying to teach. But not even single student is there in class room so “Am I fool or something ?” so SEO is the technique to be necessarily followed by each webmaster to get website appear at search engine result maximum time and getting his content indexed correctly and to get natural or unpaid or organic traffic to your website. In other words, for getting maximum visitors to your website.  After all every teacher needs students, who listen to him, follow him and give feedback for whatever he is saying. Otherwise there is no meaning whatever he shouts alone in empty class !! It’s the technique to understand how search engines work. Search engines provides you sincere students (visitors) to your website.

Search Engine Optimization | IMFROSTY

Millions of people share some information every day and it’s the job of search engines to categorize those information to appear any particular site link below any specific search term in search result (SER). To perform that critical task relevant Meta Keywords are used. Which are defined by website owners in header section of website using following syntax :

<meta content='kw1, kw2, kw3, kw4 …. Kw..N' name='Keywords'/>

That Meta keyword strategy does NOT used any more by Google as they updates their crawling algorithm day by day. Now any websites are categorized based on “Quality of Content” , “meta descriptions” , "Page Title" and “Number of Backlinks”. but keywords are really important factor for other Search Engines so don't avoid it. Highly popular keywords may bring you more traffic, you can use Keyword Research Tool for that. Now what is Backlink ?

It’s Referral based process, and Google allots page Ranks to webpage according to link quality. The website which links or refers your website is defined as term backlink, It has two types, “Dofollow & Nofollow.”

You need to submit your site to webmaster tools/ panel of any search engine to get you site appear in any search engine, each search engine has their own crawling algorithms and strategies, where Google, Yahoo! Or any other search engines caches your webpage’s URL and reads each content written on webpage and stores into a database. All the links which are part of that URL / or Webpage Are crawled and this process continues until search engine finishes scanning whole website.

That Dofollow & Nofollow are the permissions to crawlers, whether crawl that page or not which is defined by webmaster (Admin) using “rel” Meta tag. The syntax for doing that is given below for any web link in HTML.
Dofollow Link Example : <a href=”http://www.imfrosty.com”> I’M FROSTY </a>

Nofollow Link Example : <a href=”http://www.imfrosty.com” rel=”nofollow”> I’M FROSTY </a>

Search engine will crawl or store that page in database if it’s dofollow otherwise it’s skipped and not considered.

Whenever user searches for something, it fetches that keyword for database and link that to your webpage. So you’re site will appear first in search result If it has high PR Backlinks. So you need is dofollow backlink from any popular site which already has high page rank to get more organic (from search engine) Traffic. Different Meta Tags are also be added in webpage for good practice and get effective result from SEO. For example search the term “adfly trick 2014” in Google without quotes. So imfrosty’s Link Will appear First.

The SEO depends on different factors i.e. domain name (without Numbers or hyphens), Meta description, Unique Content Quality. High Quality BackLinks, Website Speed , etc.

PHP based CMS like WordPress, Joomla, have different Plugins / addons For managing SEO of website, so you don’t need to take extra efforts. But in HTML based Hosting like Blogger or Weebly, you have to perform each and everything in Website HTML code i.e adding meta keywords, meta descriptions etc. so HTML based hosting have such limitations excepting other things which are simple like adding and managing content. Read another nice article about How CMS can affect Search Engine Rankings, If right CMS is not picked ?

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