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How To Download Full Website | Browse / Read It Offline.

Have you ever fall into the situation that you need to search for some important information and your internet is down ? or you have found any website or blog really informative, you want to read whole site but you can’t pay to cyber cafes for that much time, so you are at right place, here is the solution for you.

There are very popular tools available to save whole website for offline reading.
  1. HTTrack : It’s really light weight tool (Approx. 4MB). It will scan and download each and every page of any website for offline reading.
  2. Linux Based Command called "wget" : It is expert in caching whole content of webpage.
    The syntax for that command is  :
    wget --mirror -p --html-extension --convert-links
    -p = all images, etc. needed to display HTML page.
    --mirror = turns on recursion and time-stamping, sets infinite recursion
               depth. and keeps FTP directory listings
    --html-extension = save HTML docs with .html extensions
    --convert-links = make links in downloaded HTML point to local files.
    This command is used in Linux/Unix Based system in terminal, to know more about this command please checkout : Wget Manual.
  3. Internet Download Manager (IDM) :  Yes, It’s very popular downloading tool, everybody uses it today, but doesn’t know It’s  functionality. It has small option called grabber. You can’t even imagine it’s capability at that level. That is what I’m going to tell you, How to use it right now to cache any complete website for reading it offline. It is effective alternative of HTTrack.
This Grabber option is also useful for any website Admins to download his whole website data from server. It works just like any other FTP Softwares like Putty or Filezilla, It downloads all public files on server when you cache any website, If you are admin than It allows you to Login to server and download secure files too in short entire site.

Just follow the instruction given below to use The Grabber.

1.  Download IDM : Internet Download Manager  (Skip this step if you have it already installed on your system.)

2. Open Internet download manager.

internet download manager taskbar icon.

3. Click and start Grabber from above options, which provide stepwise wizard, for grabbing complete webpage. Following figure shows First Step of that wizard.

idm grabber.

  • In First option Give Any Project Name which you want to create,
  • In Second Option You just need to specify website home page address which you want to save for offline reading.
  • In third custom setting option you need to specify project template. Select The Whole Website option from drop down menu for grabbing full site as shown in fig. below.

  • In 4th option is just for site admins,  you need to specify Authentication details if you want to download complete site data, if you are not admin and just want to download site for offline reading then skip this option . You will only get Public folders from the server, secure folders will not get downloaded.
  • Advanced option looks like shown is figure below. Where you have to specify login and logout page address of website if you want to insert username and password manually. And don’t want to specify in authentication boxes,  This option is also for website admins.

idm grabber advanced settings.

  •  Click on Next Button, Go to Next Step.

4.Second step is shown if fig below. Here select first every file option in radio buttons. Check convert link to local file option from checkbox, It point each internal link to local files stored in PC. Otherwise if you click any link from Local webpage will go to online original linked page. Then there is no meaning of this tool.

idm grabber second step wizard.

  • Click Next Button, go to Next Step.

5. Third step looks like fig. shown below where Press first radio button, Explore the Whole Site and click next button, Advanced option is not necessary here.

idm grabber third step wizard.

6. Fourth Step Looks like fig. given below.

idm grabber fourth step wizard.

Select All files in first drop down list. Which looks like fig. given below.

select files in idm grabber.

Select "don’t use exclude filter" option in second drop down list which looks like fig. given  below.

exclude files in idm grabber.

It is not necessary attempt advanced option but if you want to use then use it like shown in fig below.

advanced option in idm grabber.

Click Next Button, Go to Next Step.

7. Fifth Step Looks like fig. given below.

idm grabber download entire website for offline reading.

Here grabber will download all the files from server which you have defined in previous wizard steps. It will show in other small window that number of files downloaded, total number of files in server. Number of webpages scanned etc. After completion of task it will show dialog screen looks like fig. given below.

idm grabber complete website download

Close that small popup window, then click close button from that back grabber screen. It will ask you to save project or not. Like fig given below. Say yes to that popup.

save idm grabber project.

Your work is done here. :)

8. Now, you can browse / read that saved website from selecting saved projects from grabber project option in left side vertical box In IDM and click play button.

9. Files and folders are stored just like server in local file directory.

windows 7 explorer.

10. Now Enjoy Your Offline Browsing !! :)

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Delete that downloaded data after you have finished reading it, It is just like old News Paper. Please don’t fill your whole computer system with website data just because you know how to save website. There are uncountable websites over internet. And maximum of them have unlimited server space to store data, I don’t think you can afford that.

Caution ! : Just use that saved pages for reading purpose, reusing that saved pages or files to your website is crime. That particular website can legally send you to jail or sue you for stealing their data and miss use it under the law of DMCA respect.
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  1. Hi!
    Can you show me way to download site https?? Thank you

    1. You can also apply this method for https sites too, but we will have only access to those public web pages they allowed.


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