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Best Ways To Directly Download Torrent Files With IDM !!

This is very Famous Question in present days, as downloading torrent files is The huge risk for your system, which can be Computer or mobile devices, By the way Torrents clients for smart phones are also available in market. So I have decided to tell this secret to my visitors to reduce this risk for your devices,

There are basically two types of network Connection.
1. Client – Server connection (Direct Download)
2. Peer to peer Connection (Torrent Download)
here, It doesn’t Matter you connect through wireless or through Cable or LAN.

First of all, We need to know What is Torrent Technology ? Truthfully, when we download any files from servers like,, or whatever. We request files from server , and if we are authorized client then server allows us to have it. Obviously here server has more power than us (Client). So possibly it can limit our Download Speed or if you have free account for your file host server like or or whatever.  Download fails in this case if you have slow connection, it doesn’t allow you to pause it. Because they don’t provide you dedicated servers for free account. It is negative for peer to peer connection case. :)

A Peer means A system (Devices) from both side of network, Torrent uses Peer to peer connection Method to share resources like huge files, Movies, Songs etc. so obviously if the system from where we are downloading files is affected with virus, So it will probably comes with your file to your system. Now lets see How to download Torrent Files ?

The Software which allows you to download torrent files is called Torrent Clients (uTorrent, Bit Torrent etc.). Today I am going to tell you about online Bit Torrent clients which first download any file to their server and allows you to download it with directly with any Downloader Software like IDM (Internet Download Manager), Orbit Downloader etc.

Following are Some Best Online Bit Torrent Clients. (Torrific Alternatives).

2. (Another Site of





All you have to do is copy any Magnet link from any torrent sites and paste it to given boxes or upload .torrent file to above sites and download the file as client server connection. There you can select the file from list which you actually want to download, which probably doesn’t contain viruses.

Now you can enjoy direct download any file from Internet without fear of viruses or worms etc. or failing of download. with High speed :)
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